A new technology, a changed mindset

“The measure of intelligence

Is the ability to change”

-Albert Einstein

  • What is crypto?

    Crypto is short term for cryptography. This refers to any cryptographic protocols that are exchanged. Some examples of cryptoassets include: Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin, etc.

  • Why do I need to secure my crypto?

    New technology brings with it many opportunities, but also many threats. It’s important to know that in crypto, you are responsible for your own assets and security. Think about what would happen if you had an envelope with $1,000 in cash. If you lose, misplace, destroy or forget about the envelope and it’s contents, it will be gone forever. This is the same with crypto.

  • What is Mioseed and how is it secure?

    Mioseed is security for your savings of the future. We use multiple layers of the most advanced technologies in applied cryptography to ensure that your crypto remains safe and secure.

  • How is Mioseed different than an exchange or hardware wallet?

    Mioseed is a cryptographic security company. If an exchange is like a form of a bank, and a hardware provider is like your wallet, Mioseed is like an insurance company. In the event that you ever need backup and recovery access to your seed, Mioseed can provide this to you. We are focused on building the safest and most secure future of token protocols.

  • So why should I ever need a backup recovery of my seed?

    In most cases, and a perfect world, your seed can be placed in a safe and secure location and never needed to be accessed again. But in life, uncertainty and accidents do happen. Fire, flood, forgetting your password, medical issues, losing your seed and inheritance can all create challenges to accessing your future and crypto assets. Mioseed adds an extra layer of protection to give you peace of mind and security knowing that your safeguarded If disaster does strike.

  • What is a seed?

    This is a numerical word phrase that is essentially your password to the Blockchain. The phrase can be any number of 24-words that are randomly generated, or can be customized. It is absolutely critical that you write down and remember what & where your seed phase is. In the event that you lose or forget your PIN or other passwords to gain access, the original seed is the only way to recover your assets on the Blockchain.

  • But if you know my seed, doesn’t that mean that you are in control of my crypto?

    Actually Mioseed never has access to your seed. We only have admin access to the encrypted seed that has been granted by our client. Mioseed will not share this private data with anyone unless if the client has released authority to do so. All clients may only access their Mioseed with a comprehensively performed due diligence report and identity verification process that Mioseed mandates. This required for privacy and security reasons.

  • How much does Mioseed cost?

    It depends on what level of service you desire and need. Mioseed offers various levels of security for your savings. All interested people are invited to signup for Free to create a Mioseed Account. If you need advanced backup seed recovery protection, this can be created for $25.

    Mioseed highly recommends that all clients store their crypto assets using a hardware wallet. If you need help choosing a HW wallet provider, you can try the Mioseed Recommendation Engine for free. Upon answering a set of targeted questions, you will be recommended a solution to fit your needs. You can purchase this directly through our website, or by going to the manufacturer’s website. A hardware wallet of your choice plus Mioseed Encrypt can be chosen from our store for purchase for $99.

    Finally for the most secure way to secure your valuables and future, there is Max Protection by Mioseed. This is a disaster proof way of securing your seed. In the event of a fire, flood, earthquake, death or loss we recommend a Cryptosteel protected key. This will allow for your personal recovery of your crypto assets in the most extreme of hardships. Your choice of a Cryptosteel, HW Wallet, and Mioseed Encrypt Protection can all be purchased together as a package for $149.

  • When will I receive my Mioseed?

    Mioseed will deliver your pre-initialized hardware wallet in 7-10 business days. Depending on the demand of our client onboarding team, we will notify you of any in the return shipment of your.

  • Who are some of your clients?

    Mioseed has clients from all over the world. Just as the technology behind Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital ledgers is decentralized, so to is our clientele. We work with people who value technology advancements, financial independence, and securing their futures. Age, gender and technical knowledge or financial sophistication are irrelevant. In the “Internet of Value”, everyone is welcome.