About Us

We are a technology services provider focused on security and cryptography. 

Our goal is to help individuals and companies secure the future.


Gian Cardini and Timothy Ryan are the cofounders of Mioseed. They have strong technology, business and financial experience. Specializing in product development, risk assessment, advisory services, savings & wealth growth and asset security, they developed a strong interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investments over many years.

Building solutions using this revolutionary protocol, we personally know how important it is to protect your valuable assets including your keys. After experiencing some of the limitations of the traditional banking and technology systems that are currently used with being vulnerable to hacks to their own account, they developed the idea of Mioseed to help people to have the freedom to control their financial future. Mioseed will help everyone store crypto assets simply, easily and securely.

We are based in Milan, San Francisco and Moscow. Our clients are global. Areas of expertise includes blockchain protocols, technology security, cryptography, AI algorithms and financial data management.

For partnership proposals or sales enquiries, write us a quick message using the form above.
For customer support, please contact: support@mioseed.com